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Vitar Drinković (CRO), Etno Hvar Festival

11.07.2018 / Grapčeva cave, the island of Hvar
Plant blindness is a term that was introduced in 1998 by James Wandersee and Elizabeth Schussler. They define plant blindness as “the inability to see or notice the plants in one's own environment”. Despite being completely codependent with the plant world, almost symbiotically, we still take them, as well as the planet live on, for granted. Plants see, communicate, adapt, memorize, breathe, move, exchange information in a way that is different yet so similar to ours. The interactive installation serves as a mediator in communication between humans and plants. The plant is connected through electrodes to an Arduino and RGB reflectors. The Arduino measures micro-changes in the electrical potential of the plant and shows these changes as changes in the color of the light in the room. In this way, the plant immediate reaction is seen when it is touched. Vitar incorporated the ficus plant into the atmosphere of the neolithic site o Grapčeva cave, attaching it to sensors which resulted in colors changing on the cave walls, responding to stimuli of the surrounding spaces, showing reactions in color-coded patterns. The meaning behind changes is susceptible to different interpretations. 
The residency was realized as a part of Etno Hvar Festival: Second Home. Read more about the program here.
About the artist:
Vitar Drinković is a Zagreb-based artist whose artistic practice explores and created circumstances/conditions, using interactive art apparatuses, inventions and installations as mediators, “ filters” in communication between people. Through the setup-positioning and use of works my intention is to explore and create new contexts and perceptions of everyday life.