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Tommaso Rolando (IT), European Music Incubator / Etno Hvar Festival

SECONDA CASA, Tommaso Rolando & Giovanni Paolo Bonfiglio
Collaborators: Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro & Tin Dožić
Audio-visual performance
14.07.2018 / Humac, the island of Hvar
With the remains of a fire and through word, sound, and image, the house is given a second chance: that of being able to tell its own story, recreating a Fairytale dimension in front of the fireplace, retracing life and the joys and the tragedies that have had a theater in that space.
BUBA U UHU | A BUG IN THE EAR, Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro & Tommaso Rolando
Collaborators: Tin Dožić, Paolo Giovanni Bonfiglio, Tatjana Mateša, Marko Jozić, Josip Drdić, Marija Kamber, Barbara Raad
16.07.2018 / Humac, the island of Hvar

You are invited to bring your mobile phones and headphones. After loading your mobiles with the fruits of our sound harvest at station 1, you will be left to walk alone looking for other stations while following the whispering voice in your ears and experience the Humac soundscape and landscape in a different way. Be careful that the bug doesn’t jump out from your ear and appear suddenly in front of your eyes.
This program was realized in the framework of European Music Incubator project, supported by Creative Europe programme, and Etno Hvar Festival.