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Marija Kamber (CRO), Jelsa Art Biennial

Collage / Installation
14.06.2019 / Pumpurela, Jelsa
The residency was organized around the process of collecting and transforming everyday waste into the meditative art piece. The artist organized collecting units in the city square where she encouraged people to separate their waste by color, and then used the gathered palette in composing a collage which was placed in the public space in Jelsa. 
The residency was realized in the framework of Jelsa Art Biennial: Transformation, on the island of Hvar, Croatia, and the installation was a final stop in the performative walk held by all the participants of the biennial Read more about JAB here.
From the foreword to JAB: 
"Spatial collage Pulse is woven from the waste material of everyday life, ours or someone else’s, which turned to a vortex pulses in the air currents. In the near future, the Island of Hvar will be introducing a new waste management system. It is common knowledge that recycling culture starts with the people who produce the waste. Artist encourages residents and visitors of Jelsa to collect and organize the waste in a playful way, sorting it by color and transforming it into art objects."