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JAB – Jelsa Art Biennial

Jelsa Art Biennial (JAB), set to happen every 2nd year in June, as a culmination of an ongoing international residency programme. It combines contemporary, experimental and participatory art practices, based on artists’ reflection about territory and specific socio-cultural themes. JAB focuses on emerging and consolidated artists, both local and international. It establishes a bridge between rural and urban culture, in a mixed media that crosses panoply of art fields and audiences, like dance, performance, design, sound, architecture, video and installation.


Participating artists: Paulina Almeida, Ron Van Roosmalen, Malgosia Sus, Valentina Rodrigues, Miguel Bouca, Gemma Riggs, Kevin Claro, Vitar Drinković, Marija Kamber, Andrej Beštak, Anja Leko, Sara Mikelić │ Production: Lab852, Agit Lab
The first Jelsa Art Biennial presented works by visual and performing artists in 12 locations, their perspective on the history and identity of the place, as well as the wider socio-cultural context of the time in which we live. The event is specific in that all the works were performed in the public space with the aim of bringing contemporary art to the widest possible audience and show its soft power to stimulate discussion on topics that are not sufficiently articulated in public discourse. The program consisted of the following components:
14 artists from different disciplines, from Croatia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Poland spent two weeks in an artistic residency in Jelsa, where they exchanged ideas and developed projects with curatorial and mentor support.
The artists held three participatory workshops through which residents and visitors of the programme had the opportunity to become involved in the process of creating the artworks: Installation - led by Marija Kamber, Dance - led by Paulina Almeida and Street Art (Mural) - led by Valentina Rodrigues.
The works were performed in a public space and presented through two performative walks in the city center and the surrounding area. Under the artists’ guidance, the performance combined media of body, sound, video, and objects in relation to architecture, revealing the background of relationships and locations that make up the identity of a place.
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