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Barbara Raad (CRO), Etno Hvar Festival

Performance, installation / 13.07.2018 / Humac, the island of Hvar
Barbara Raad's research and performance was inspired by the neolithic archeological site in the Grapčeva cave near the residency location, the abandoned village of Humac. The performance was conceived as a ritualistic awakening of the old stones of the village through the gentle connection to the earth, the Moon and the inner and the outer.
Collaborators: Tatjana Mateša and Marija Kamber
The residency was realized as a part of Etno Hvar Festival: Second Home. Read more about the program here.
From the program booklet of Etno Hvar Festival:
"Second home is home outside the body, second home is in the stars, stars proclaim the source of the future, future is made by us, we are red and white, red and white is constantly interchanging, interchange is life and death, life and death are phases, phases are of the Moon, the Moon makes love to the bull, Venus is above it all. From Venus to the Moon is a spatial installation in progress, its final appearance will surprise us all."