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Workshops, presentations, talks, showcase, live acts!
After Tallinn and Liverpool, musicians participating in the ongoing cycle of workshops, are now meeting in Zagreb. These seven samurais, who travel together while learning and developing new business models that transcend traditional boundaries of popular music, will take part in Music and Tourism thematic workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb. Additionally, musicians will present their music to a Croatian audience at Improspections Festival, in clubs Pločnik and Vinyl.
Music and Tourism workshop is happening 13. 11. – 14.11. 2017!
Following events:
Performance at the Improspections Festival:
November 11 – Tommaso Rolando (IT)
Performances at the Vinyl:
November 13 – Sara Renar and Marko Jovanović (HR)
Performances at Pločnik:
November 14 – Tommaso Rolando (IT), The Unlikely Boy (FR), Natalie McCool (UK), Argo Vals (EST)
(19:00 – 21:00: reception for press, partners, associates / invitations only; 21: 30- 02:00: musicians’ showcase – live performances / free admission)
Participating artists:

Tommaso Rolando, Music & Tourism  (Italy)
 Musician with a heterodox training, born in Genoa, Italy, he spent the first years of his career as a musician playing and leading bands like Calomito (indie jazz rock – 2 records), Aparecidos (tango/cumbia/milonga – 2 records) and TOBA (impro duo with Patrizia Oliva – 2 records). Later he got involved and toured around the world, in Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey, with Orchestra Bailam. He also recorded four records with this Arabic/Genoese ensemble. During these years he also played along with his solo project STONI, on contrabass, vocals, and electronics (impro/electroacoustic – 1 record). With this solo experience, he finally started to expand his horizons in collaborations with dance, theater, and visual arts. His research at the moment has a strong focus on improvisation, instant composition, and cooperation with other disciplines.
Natalie McCool, Music and brands (UK)  Truly innovative and beautiful take on pop music. Perfect future pop that sets Natalie apart from her contemporaries, her early work was built on a foundation of deliciously dark indie-pop. Her new album ‘The Great Unknown’, however, is a new awakening – emerging from the shadows and rising victoriously with a number of prickly pop tunes. Vibrant with effortlessly catchy songs, McCool can count The Sunday Times, Wonderland, Q, Clash, Line of Best Fit, The 405, BBC Radio 1 DJs Huw Stephens and Alice Levine amongst her fans, while BBC Introducing described Natalie as “one of the finest emerging songwriters around”. At the event at Pločnik Natalie will be performing a special solo set of songs from her album in an intimate and stripped back style. Her powerful vocal and hypnotic guitar playing are sure to mesmerize everybody in the room.
Eléna Tissier, Movies and videogames (France) The Unlikely Boy is a solo music project led since 2015 by the French artist Eléna Tissier. Composer, producer, DJ, author, and musician, she regularly performs both in live and DJ set. As a live performer, she is playing her electro-organic compositions surrounded by a guitar, a bass, a synth, controllers and a mic, creating a melancholic and energetic universe melting electronic, pop and urban influences. As a DJ, she can drift from pop and urban songs to house and techno vibes and loves to highlight the emerging, independent and innovative scene.
Argo Vals, Movies and videogames (Estonia) Argo Vals has been making music for almost all his life but gained an interest in experimenting and recording music mainly on his own in 2006. He started composing and performing with live-electronics in 2008. Nowadays his setup consists of electric guitar, drum machines, looper and effect pedals. The architecture of sounds resembles at times IDM, ambient, math rock, and Nordic jazz. Argo has released two full-length solo albums so far. His debut album “Tsihcier” was released in 2012 and second album “Nokturn” in 2015. Two new singles “To a Tireless Daydreamer” from the upcoming third album were released in June 2017. This album will be available in 2018.
Sara Renar, Music & Brands (Croatia) Sara Renar is an awarded songwriter from Zagreb that has already released three studio albums and in 2015 won the Porin award in the category of vocal performance. In the last three years, Sara performed in around 250 live shows all over the region. Her third studio album, “Silence”, that was released in 2016 has been given the best reviews in the last year, with Hrvatski Radio/National radio, Ravno do dna, Nacional and Globus proclaiming it to be the album of the year. “Silence” is nominated for the Porin award in two categories: the album of the year and the best alternative music album, as well as the IMPALA European album of the year. At the moment Sara is preparing a new release of experimental profile: audio-visual performance “Gdje povlačiš crtu?”/”Where do you draw the line?”, which was originally made on the invitation of HRT, for a manifestation “Rođendan umjetnosti”/”The birthday of the art”. The project surpassed all the expectations and was performed multiple times throughout the region. The release of the vinyl is expected at the end of the year.
Thomas Cochini, Music & digital services (France)
Marko Jovanović. Digital teaching (Croatia) Marko is multiinstrumentalist from Pula, with a master’s degree in music pedagogy and the highest level of classical guitar and piano. He works as music teacher with children with special needs, elementary & high school children, as a composer, music engineer/producer, theater technician and has his own music studio (music recording, composing and production, sound production etc.). He plays piano, guitar, flute, violin, trumpet, drums, bass and all range of electronic instruments.
Partners: Trempolino – Nantes/France; Lab 852 – Zagreb/ Croatia; Municipality of Genoa /Department for Culture & Tourism – Genoa/Italy; Sound City Festival – Liverpool/UK; University of Tartu/ Viljandi Music Academy Tartu/Estonia
Local partners: Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), ViBRa – the society of musicians, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Media Partners: Radio Student,, RavnoDoDna
Co-funded by: Creative Europe Programme of the EU, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb, Zagreb Tourist Board

Education, European Music Incubator, Music
Back to the first EMI collaborative meeting last August by The UnlikelyBoy (EMI’s artist for Nantes/France).
Totally exhausted but everything is going very well, many amazing meetings and people, no ending conversations about music, Europe, our respective similarities and differences, hopes and fears, all this sharing, all these languages, a very interesting workshop about digital teaching, many beers, bars, restaurants, parties, this afterwork in an hipster bike shop, mysterious food, wearing winter clothes in August, this beautiful atmospheric live set by Argo Vals in his rehearsal squat-like building, all this fascinating post-sovietic-raw-urban architecture, nature, low density, space, air, calm, these streets so clean, the cost of living so low, everything going slowly, at a human rythm, the Baltic sea, this karaoke stuff, thesefantastic empty cheap night clubs, this terrible russian wedding all night long at the hotel, all these smiles and laughs, the traditional costumes, this politeness, the best open-spaces I’ve ever seen (you even put sleepers to enter…), wifi working everywhere, very nice independent events in fascinating alternative venues, not crowded, with an incredible spirit of freedom, a taste of futurism, this goodwill, so many trendy cool places that you can never choose one, a mix of simplicity, common sense and fluidity I didn’t think could actually exist somewhere. Thanks, #EMI, I never did Erasmus, but through this project, I eventually have a taste of what it can be like, how it can affect people and why it is so important.
Watch the link: Talin – first collaborative meeting!

European Music Incubator, Music

After 1 month of the selection process, 133 applications received, 15 Skype ITW and 5 hours of deliberations, the 7 musicians who will participate in European Music Incubator program have been selected.

Between September 2017 and January 2018, they will attend workshops about other creative sectors and cultural entrepreneurship. As a next step, they will have to work on a concrete project during a 5-months mentoring period, therefore, we assigned a thematic to each musician.

Digital teaching:
Marko Jovanović (Croatia)

Cultural tourism:
Tommaso Rolando (Genoa)

Soundtrack for movies and videogames:
Eléna Tissier (France)

Soundtrack for movies and videogames:
Argo Valls (Estonia)

Digital services:
Thomas Cochini (France)

Music and brands:
Natalie McCool (UK)

Music and brands:
Sara Renar


European Music Incubator, Music

We are happy to announce the Call for musicians to apply for participation in the European Music Incubator.

The application is now open and closes on April 30, 2017.

In cooperation with European and local partners, Lab 852 is implementing the project European Music Incubator, funded by Creative Europe, in the period 2016 – 2018.

The project is a response to the relentless statistics of life expectancy for bands (3 – 5 years) and the need to establish a new system of support for musicians who want to develop a long-term career in music. Although the music market opens and brings new opportunities for the development of music careers, most of the musicians can hardly rely only on the income from their sales and performances to live out of it.

European Music Incubator is an innovative training program intended for musicians on the rise who want to develop a long-term career based on entrepreneurship and outside the traditional framework of popular music.

The challenge is to connect the stakeholders, the public and the private sector in creating new policies that will remove barriers for the development of musical projects and artist and contribute to the process of creating new value for faster and easier monetization and internationalization of activities in the music sphere.

European Music Incubator is based on the European cooperation that erases the boundaries between individual musical disciplines and other fast-growing creative sectors, at the local and international level. The variety of activities is the key to diversify income and breakthrough to the widest possible audience.

Partner organizations operating along the value chain of the music industry are:

  1. Trempolino – Nantes / France

  2. Lab 852 – Zagreb / Croatia

  3. City of Genova / Department of Culture – Genova / Italy

  4. Sound City Festival – Liverpool / United Kingdom

  5. University of Tartu / Viljandi Music Academy – Estonia

They will be are responsible for connecting musicians with 5 fast growing creative sectors:

  • Marketing and branding

  • Cultural Tourism

  • Film and Theater

  • Licensing and Synchronization

  • Digital pedagogy

European Music Incubator is a chance for musicians to bring their musical career to next level.


European Music Incubator will enable the finalists to have:


  • traveling to 5 European countries (UK, FR, EST, IT, HR)
    connecting with other European musicians and musical organizations
    the construction of their own European network


  • 10 workshops on the subject of linking music with other fast-growing creative sectors
    5 months period of individual tutoring
    participation in two meetings of the project partners
    participation in a joint European event


  • through the communication channels of the project
    through the communication channels of European and local partners
    The project covers the costs of production, travel, accommodation, food, and royalties in the amount of EUR 1400.



All those interested in participating in the project can find detailed information about the terms and the online application form at
Be sure to apply up to April 30.

Until then, feel free to contact us with your questions and comments at or +385 99 6605 681.


European Music Incubator (EMI) is innovative international cooperation of creative hubs which are breaking the boundaries between music sectors and fast-moving creative sectors at local and European levels. The goal of the project is to provide the participants with the skills to become competent and versatile individuals, able to expand the field of their creativity, accomplish new sources of income and sustainable musical career.

This will be achieved through the application of the methodology developed through the vast experience of the partners in programs of support for professional musicians and music organizations, including (not limited to) lectures, workshops, peer to peer collaboration and opportunities to test their skills in actual projects.