Tires, movement and shadows in the cold: Darya Efrat’s residency in Zagreb

Darya Efrat: Tired Out
28.12.2019 / Kamba      
Darya joined us in Zagreb during the two cold weeks when street sparkle in the mania of pre-Christmas season, arriving with her reliable collaborator, a tire marked with a yellow archaic-looking symbol, which rolled beside her as she first entered this city. Darya Efrat is a multidisciplinary performer, originally from Jerusalem, now based in Portugal, introduced to us by Paulina Almeida on the last project-cooking trip to Portugal.  In her artistic practice, Darya is working and experimenting with the fusion of visual arts, dance, contemporary circus, and public installation, reflecting the psyche of her work to the audiences she involves gently, as friends. Efrat graduated with honors from Columbia University in New York with a BA in visual arts and anthropology. She then went on to pursue circus, dance and theater studies in the Sandciel circus school in Israel (2017) and in INAC (Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo) in Portugal (2019). In 2016, she participated in several group exhibitions in New York where she was awarded the Curator’s Selection award. In 2018-2019, she participated in works by Saar Azimi and Michal Samama in Israel.
Darya’s residency in Zagreb was centered in the courtyard of Ilica 37 and our long-time partner, Kamba gallery, where she established a conversation with the main actor of the space: the parking lot and its ever-changing vehicles in the quiet pocket of the city center, through her ongoing research Tired Out. It is aa visual and physical participatory act, an exploration, a spontaneous moment of interaction, construction, and deconstruction while creating a visual landscape and a point of reflection for performance observers/participants. Thorugh the performance Darya establishes a dialogue between a woman and a tire combining movement, dance, and circus. The residency in Zagreb was focused on collecting, developing, processing and sharing the processes that Efrat has collected over the year-long research on the material, methods, and interactions with the audiences.

The performance took place alongside the performative exhibition of Zagreb based artist Jelena Petric p.up-k. 

Photo credits: Zvonimir Ferina
Check out the teaser video made by our Barbara Raad!

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