Magic Carpets, Visual Arts

Magic Carpets edition of Flash Art

“What role does Participative and Socially engaged Art play in the process of creation of common Cultural Identity of the European continent? The latest English issue of Czech and Slovak Edition of Flash Art magazine focused on collaborative Art practices used across the Creative Europe platform. The editors Tea Záchová and Lexa Peroutka aimed to create a broader image and opened it up further beyond Magic Carpets network to be able to compare and sense different positions that it may include and specific questions young curators deal with. We feel that included material is just one of many possible cuts through this very diverse cosmos of current social-political interaction facilitated/managed through activities of contemporary art, its organizations and individuals in European and increasingly more universal – global space.”

Download article from Flash Art Magic Carpets edition and read about LAB852’s contribution through the residencies of Gemma Riggs (UK) and Matthias Krinzinger (AT) in the courtyard of Ilica 37!
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