Education, Magic Carpets

Superorganism plays in Ilica 37

24.5.2019 / 17:00 – 22:00 / Ilica 37

The urban fabric breathes through the lungs of forests and smog, its nervous system is a hum made of electrical contacts, voices from human throats and cats’ meowing, in its whole it is an organism that grows, creates, becomes structurally more complex and functions dependant on all the other parts of its body. Which are the thought processes of such a being, what are the consequences of the choices it makes, is it made only of human beings or are the concrete plates, bureaucratic knots and bees carrying the flower dust to the dandelions growing in between the cracks also a part of it? The program of Superorganism is a realization of workshops and art residencies in the framework of Magic Carpets project, in collaboration with local artists, art pedagogues, and children, its concept built around the idea of Superorganism and the community of the courtyard of Ilica 37. Through the Imaginarium of Superorganism, we observe the problems of alienation as well as the techniques of positive transformation of collective processes, using it as a metaphor for the balance between individual and collective, male and female, spiritual and material, culture, and nature.

The shared framework of the workshops for children and residential programs of Gemma Riggs (UK) and Matthias Krinzinger (AT) defined the need for play as a way of showing creativity, developing critical thinking, and creating emotional links with other creatures. Playing with the ball in front of thousands of people at the stadium or playing a game of chance, a card game in the smoke, a game that is growing and changing through generations that create it.

Through the process of capturing digital and 16-millimeter films and connecting with the day-to-day visitors of the courtyard, Gemma turned to the games presented through the memories, experiences and personal stories of the players. This process, shown in the installation In our own time, explores the feasibility of games and the ways they choreographically determine our bodies by creating parallel spaces for interaction.

Matthias’s approach rests on the observed specificities of the moments and the interactions that artistic interventions can cause. Starting with the focus on the Bad Blue Boys football fan group that is based in the courtyard, Matthias has been examining human reactions to the games he has presented them, through a series of happenings, culminating in an interactive installation Dinamo always wins (and loses), detaching from the conflict with the external and pointing out the nature of internal turmoil.

The multimedia Installation Bees / Microorganisms / Water has been created by an organism of children of elementary school age and workshop leaders who had previously undergone education under the guidance of psychologist Latica Mladina. Through the media of design, assemblage, drawing, and sound, the workshops have given rise to different aspects of reality whose subjects are rotating around concepts of superorganism and social responsibility.

In the end, or perhaps the the beginning, the process remains a reflection on the transformational ability of the game to call for social action, and awareness of how human desire for the playing, as well as the focus on creativity, can be triggers of mental health of the organism we are a vital part of.


Dinamo always wins (and loses)
interactive installation, happening
author: Matthias Krinzinger

In Our Own Time
installation with 16mm film projection
author: Gemma Riggs (in collaboration with Martina Tomić)

Bees / Microorganisms / Water
sculpture / drawing / sound installation
authors: Franciska Baćurin, Mia Grubišić, Luna Jagarić, Mia Javor, Iskra Krasić, Veronika Krasić, Eva Lugomer, Fani Maletić, Nina Maletić, Miša Mikić, Ema Murtić, Lina Šojat, Bartol Rajčić

art pedagogues: Josip Drdić, Barbara Raad / Domagoj Hmura, Marija Kamber / Andrej Beštak, Anja Leko

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