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In nature, the Superorganism is a synergistic system of organisms that interchange and organize a symbiotic life that can go from macro perception (bees/corals/termites) to micro constructs (bacteria/the human genome). Human society can as well be seen in the terms of one being, a social organism, that grows, creates, becomes structurally more complex with its development and functions depending on all parts of its body. Politics and economics being its corpus, culture, and creativity its spirit. We aim to create the Imaginarium out of creatures, organisms, and phenomena that are relevant to the society we live in.

The superorganism is a strategy for collecting collective knowledge and making decisions on the community’s wellbeing, we are dealing with the problems of alienation and the techniques of positive transformation of collective processes. The program has already started with a series of workshops for artists in the field of psychology, in April it continues with workshops for children (design, sound, drawing), residencies for artists from Austria, United Kingdom, and Portugal and in May with the presentation in the form of exhibitions, performances, installations and the discourse.


1. Strengthening the capacity of artists to work with the community 

Educational programme for artists is a series of 5 workshops created with the objective of creating a common pedagogical framework with the idea to combine art pedagogy and psychology into the unique interdisciplinary practice that nurtures the participative educational method and social dialogue.

Participating artists: Andrej Beštak, Josip Drdić, Domagoj Hmura, Marija Kamber, Anja Leko, Barbara Raad.

Third workshop with the artists in March
2. Workshops for children

During the program of workshops for elementary school children, we want to encourage awareness and articulation of the problems children and young people encounter in their daily lives and introduce them to creative tools that can help them get stronger, more mature and healthier. By linking art pedagogy and psychotherapy into interdisciplinary practice, we want to respond to the need that comes to the forefront of the existing education and health system. The programs will be run by artists who participate in the program of capacity building for working in the community.

3. Art Residences within the Magic Carpets project: Gemma Riggs and Matthias Krinzinger

During April and May 2019, two artists from partner organizations, Gemma Riggs (UK) and Matthias Krinzinger (AT), will come to Zagreb for the residency programme where they’ll be collaborating with local artists, experts, and community in project implementation. During the research and collaboration, curators and artists will look at the context of local history, personal stories, and memory of the space and inhabitants of Ilica 37.

Event in Kamba and courtyard of Ilica 37
4. Discourse

In collaboration with partner countries and representatives of partner organizations, we will hold a series of lectures and presentations on community art, art in public space, and the culture and policies of public spaces.

Partners: Diane Dever & Georgie Scott (Folkestone Fringe), Charly Walter & Danijela Oberhofer Tonković (Openspace Innsbruck), Paulina Almeida (AgitLab), Garage Kamba

5. Presentation – The Superweek (21st – 25th May) 

During the week in May, the artists, workshop leaders and children will present their work, processes, and explorations in a series of events and happenings, in collaboration with:
– Paulina Almeida in performance/workshop If this was my courtyard
– Gemma Riggs – video installation and happening
– Matthias Krinzinger – series of performances/happenings
– Local artists + children – exhibition/installation

The programme is realized as a part of Magic Carpets project, co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme ( The programme is also supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb and Austrian Cultural Forum.

Visual: Domagoj Hmura, Superorganism