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Lost in Zagreb – The City Guidebook

Have you ever caught yourself wondering the streets of an unknown city, being a little bit confused, a little bit lost, but perfectly happy and content in your state of lostness? Lost in Zagreb is a city guide/artist book that offers the chance to do exactly that on the streets of Zagreb – to offer hidden and, sometimes, not so hidden, places in the city of Zagreb through the eyes of different people who created it. the guidebook aims to lead to discoveries of new places, communities, and experiences through 6 chapters: Community places, Venues to experience art, Marketplaces, Fashion, Places for children, and Green areas and the mountain Medvednica. The guide is both in English, Arabic, and Croatian, created with the aim of reaching new citizens and guests of the city, and it is free.

Lost in Zagreb is a collective project initiated by artist Maj Horn and Lab852 during the residency programme in the framework of Magic Carpets, a Creative Europe project, in 2018. The residency was curated by Karmen Krasić Kožul, during May and June of 2018 and the contents of the residency were co-hosted by a multimedia artist Tin Dožić. The project of creating the guidebook was shaped through diverse processes, such as walks hosted by “indigenous” people who know how different neighborhoods live and breathe, through discussions, and mapping workshops, together with a group of local artists and current and former asylum seekers, people with various skills, including a poet, a taxi driver, an economy student, and a chef. The graphic design of the guidebook was provided in the following months of the hot summer and incoming autumn by the post-conceptual artist Niko Mihaljević. The combined efforts resulted in the guidebook where different voices and perspectives are reflected in the texts and images of the guide.

Lost in Zagreb can be acquired for free in following locations in Zagreb, from 26.10 2018: Booksa, Biciklopopravljaona, Porin, Centar za integraciju “Sol”, Knjižnica Dugave.

Contributors and creators of the guidebook are Talal Abedrabbo, Tin Dožić, Marija Kamber, Mia Maraković, Jason Mulhausen, Wesam Al Obaidy, Zoulkefel Said, Shaema Al Zubaidy and Kasper Binzer. The graphic design was provided by the artist Niko Mihaljević. Translations were done by David Stanetti and Sanela Al Dilawi.