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Few news from Tallinn: First collaborative meeting last August

Back to the first EMI collaborative meeting last August by The UnlikelyBoy (EMI’s artist for Nantes/France).
Totally exhausted but everything is going very well, many amazing meetings and people, no ending conversations about music, Europe, our respective similarities and differences, hopes and fears, all this sharing, all these languages, a very interesting workshop about digital teaching, many beers, bars, restaurants, parties, this afterwork in an hipster bike shop, mysterious food, wearing winter clothes in August, this beautiful atmospheric live set by Argo Vals in his rehearsal squat-like building, all this fascinating post-sovietic-raw-urban architecture, nature, low density, space, air, calm, these streets so clean, the cost of living so low, everything going slowly, at a human rythm, the Baltic sea, this karaoke stuff, thesefantastic empty cheap night clubs, this terrible russian wedding all night long at the hotel, all these smiles and laughs, the traditional costumes, this politeness, the best open-spaces I’ve ever seen (you even put sleepers to enter…), wifi working everywhere, very nice independent events in fascinating alternative venues, not crowded, with an incredible spirit of freedom, a taste of futurism, this goodwill, so many trendy cool places that you can never choose one, a mix of simplicity, common sense and fluidity I didn’t think could actually exist somewhere. Thanks, #EMI, I never did Erasmus, but through this project, I eventually have a taste of what it can be like, how it can affect people and why it is so important.
Watch the link: Talin – first collaborative meeting!