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7 musicians selected for EMI!

After 1 month of the selection process, 133 applications received, 15 Skype ITW and 5 hours of deliberations, the 7 musicians who will participate in European Music Incubator program have been selected.

Between September 2017 and January 2018, they will attend workshops about other creative sectors and cultural entrepreneurship. As a next step, they will have to work on a concrete project during a 5-months mentoring period, therefore, we assigned a thematic to each musician.

Digital teaching:
Marko Jovanović (Croatia)

Cultural tourism:
Tommaso Rolando (Genoa)

Soundtrack for movies and videogames:
Eléna Tissier (France)

Soundtrack for movies and videogames:
Argo Valls (Estonia)

Digital services:
Thomas Cochini (France)

Music and brands:
Natalie McCool (UK)

Music and brands:
Sara Renar