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Strategic Consulting

In preparing strategic documents or their implementation into concrete projects and initiatives, we use a variety of creative techniques in order to ensure the "from paper to people" effect in innovation and change management. In the processes of articulating values, creating vision and identifying common goals, we achieve a high degree of participation and collaboration of key stakeholders, thereby multiplying the chances of success of a particular strategy.

Education and Development

With the help of a network of professional associates in the field of culture and art, psychology, entrepreneurship and human resources, we design inspiring and motivating programs according to specific user needs. We offer strategic and collaborative trainings, audience development programs, team development programs and soft skills support for start-ups in the field of cultural and creative industries.

Management and Promotion

We manage and promote artists and their projects, international collaboration projects and local cultural events. Years of experience in organising international festivals of various genres, poured into a unique approach in programming and organising events of small and large scale. Support to development of artist careers is provided through the extensive network of local and international promoters as well as partnerships in European Cooperation Projects.


„Sometimes it feels so unreal that so many people can work together, enjoying what they do and doing it without nervousness and negativity.
Thank you for everything, especially for making it possible for me to enjoy these days and sleep soundly.”
Matija Bumbak, The City of Šibenik

„Although it has been more than ten days since dreading, counting down and enjoying the program together, I am still in the echo of the good energy you've produced...
I can hardly wait for the new fusion and fission of our creative bomb.”
Ivan Leo Lemo, director

Thank you for everything. It was really great, we enjoyed ourselves and I would say played one of our best gigs. On that day everything made sense after all, the windmills against which we constantly struggle in this country were falling like a house of cards:)“
Toni Starešinić, Chui

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