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European Music Incubator- Pilot project

Lab 852 and the French music incubator from Nantes - Trempolino are working together on the European Music Incubator project (or as we call it - EMI), which has started and is now in its pilot phase.

Following the study-visits set between February and May, we have developed the first step of an executive and innovative project of "break-in" in musician’s career.

The beginnig of a wonderful friendship...

For starters, the pilot begins in Zagreb and Sisak, connected to two ocurring events in May and June 2015 - Rendez Vous – A festival of France in Croatia and the 2nd edition of Festival Željezara.

During the first week in June, with the support of Rendez Vous Festival, EMI prepared meetings and musical collaboration of two pre-selected musical artists: a French songwriter Mauve Lunel and her guitarist and Croatian musician Ohnokono.
The musicians would resident in Sisak on a musical residence during, and as a part of, Festivala Željezara 2015. Their creative collaboration is a chance to share their musical experiences and produce a new co-author musical piece. Their individual music will be introduced and shared to the public in Željezara Institute in Sisak:

  • on June 3rd at 8pm - Mauve Lunel
  • on June 4th at 8pm - Ohnokono

After Sisak, EMI continues in Zagreb, in u Jiggy Bar, where on June 6th we will have an all day workshop intended for music professionals. Then, on the following day, June 7th - the musician's collaborative piece will be presented on the MIMO event (a continuous cycles of concerts with live radio coverage and online streaming) in the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.

*Workshop MENTORS:
French - Michel Bonhoure
In 1982, Michel has co-founded Melpomen, a French audio, lighting and video company, providing rental systems for tours and events (branch of SSE international group). From early 90’s, he’s a board operator on tour for great artists like Cesaria Evoria (between 1991 and 1995), Rhys Chatham’s 100 Guitars project or Johnny Clegg since 2001. Since 1997, he has collaborated with Trempolino on many collaborative training sessions about sound-engineering and art-direction.
Croatian coach -  Valent Samardžija : http://beat-busters.com/nt-wave


So, that's for starters... and what is EMI all about...

European Music Incubator (EMI) will be an experimentation intended to become musicians' international career accelerator by developing their entrepreneurship vision. With EMI, an individual musician's career strategy will be connected with national and local fast moving and/or transition economic sectors.
EMI’s objectives are based on 4 key-factors, which are now being expressed in Croatia:

1. Collaborative music residence of two artists (Sisak - Festival Željezara - one week residence)
During this residence, two bands, one from France and one from Croatia, share their ideas of melodies in a stimulating, immersive collaborative environment, in order to pursue their music research projects.

2. Collaborative learning session & professional workshop (Zagreb- Jiggy Bar)
i. Collaborative learning: The two bands will attend 1-day collaborative learning session supervised by two professionals, from France and Croatia. The challenge is to enhance the project developed during the residence in terms of composition, scenography or arrangements for the purpose of performing live.
ii. Workshop: This collaborative session will be opened to the professional audience (managers, label owners, festival programmers, etc.). After studying how the two coaches supervised the session, the workshop will provide a forum for a broad discussion on tools and strategies for musicians’ development.

3. Audience development // Concerts (Zagreb - MIMO at the Museum of Contemporary Art)
The residence program will culminate in the form of concerts performed in Zagreb. They will separately play their own usual live-set and also express the result of the residence program.

... the Project behind the project...

Through this project of collaboration, Trempolino and Lab 852 would like to reinforce the interaction between French and Croatian music communities. The project aims at working on three complementary levels:
Music experimentation: how innovative artistic forms emerge as results of cooperation among “different” territories or communities.
Pedagogy and professional sharing: how a collective learning session and workshop among international music professionals might be structuring for artist’s career and economic development.
Audience development: how exploring and introducing different tools for reaching broader audience and strongering the bonds between musicians, community and economy, such as: participatory projects, niche markets, cultural tourism, etc.

The project serves in giving emerging bands a fair chance to get noticed by international audience and local talent-spotters and media. The project will act as an impulse for bands interested in finding audiences outside their home country.

This project is also a pilot-project within the framework European Music Incubator, a further collaboration between 8 European cultural organizations (including Lab852) and led by Trempolino.
In this sense, we are currently appling for the Creative Europe program (large-scale cooperation projection), October 2015.
This project is followed by Gaelle Massicot-Bitty and Anaïs Fontanel at French Institute in Paris.

Finally, this project might be termed as a “shared responsibilityfor all along the value chain of music: artists, festivals, promoters, consumers of course, as well as public authorities and private partners.


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