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Farewell Party- TTNP goes Berlin

1It's a warm night in front of Medika, where new DJ duo Sad Girls Gin and Tonic Club are playing their post-punk / post-cry music and I'm here to say farewell to This Town Needs Posters crew, Sven Sorić and Hrvoje Spudić. On Monday, Sven is going to Berlin for a residency in ZK/U in the context of Magic Carpets project, and Hrvoje will switching locations between Zagreb and Berlin. So we talked a bit about their expectations and spheres of practices they will be encompassing  in the duration of the next three months.

„For us humble printers the participation in the residency programme means that for the first time we are going out of the frame of ex-Yu countries and area where our language is being spoken. Up until now, we've been participating in all kinds of festivals, organising workshops, lectures and exhibitions, but all in said frame of countries, so this for us also means getting to broader audiences and enhanced visibility.

ZK/U is primarily based on the process, but in Magic Carpets their main area of interest is archiving, finding new manners of expanding their existing archive and ways of documenting works for future residents. Our production there will be based on the experimentation with processes, technologies and techniques which are giving certain results. We're actually involved in the project to develop a process through which ZK/U will be able to publish the evergoing production happening in the residencies. All residents are expected to present their work on weekly and monthly basis through presentations and workshops, so we will be definitely involved in the process and, as a result of our presence there, some printed trace will be left, so we are hoping that it will continue to be published after we leave back to Zagreb.“

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