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Ongoing projects

Read more about Lab 852 and its current ongoing projects: Magic Carpets, European Music Incubator and Donaufestival 2018

... and see who made it all work and worth while

Lost in Zagreb – the city gidebook

Have you ever caught yourself wondering the streets of an unknown city, being a little bit confused, a little bit lost, but perfectly happy and content in your state of lostness? Lost in Zagreb is a city guide/artist book that offers the chance to do exactly that on the streets of Zagreb – to offer hidden and, sometimes, not so …
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Magic Carpets and European Music Incubator on 4th Etno Hvar Festival

https://youtu.be/_jqIpvlKAnE Check out our wonderful journey on Humac in the framework of the 4th Etno Hvar Festival: Second Home, as seen by one of our artists in residence on Humac, Katerina Duda. Artists and collaborators in residence: Barbara Raad, Mateša Tatjana, Marko Jozić, Josip Drdić, Marija Kamber, Katerina Duda, Vitar Drinković, Tommaso Rolando, Ana Kovačić, Maja Fjoramy, Bozana Damjanic, Marija Plenković, Mario Rubinić, Jakov Rubinić, Paulina Almeida, Sanja Brebrić, Karmen Krasic …
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Magic Carpets

Magic Carpets is a journey inspired platform composed out of 13 European partners with the common goal to evoke social change among our widespread communities with the soft power of culture.

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