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Ongoing projects

Read more about Lab 852 and its current ongoing projects: Magic Carpets, European Music Incubator and Donaufestival 2018

... and see who made it all work and worth while

Farewell Party- TTNP goes Berlin

It’s a warm night in front of Medika, where new DJ duo Sad Girls Gin and Tonic Club are playing their post-punk / post-cry music and I’m here to say farewell to This Town Needs Posters crew, Sven Sorić and Hrvoje Spudić. On Monday, Sven is going to Berlin for a residency in ZK/U in …
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Magic Folkestone

02.02.- 07.02.2018 Emerging curators meeting – Report by Karmen Krasić Kožul Strangers I always feel unpleasant on airports, kind of presumed to be guilty, until you prove it otherwise, but the thought of landing to London airport made me feel even more anxious. Last time I was there, border control officials  were questioning me in …
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